Heirloom Flowers

Blue Disc African Daisy
Silvery white ray flowers offset the steel-blue “eyes” or centers. Heat-loving daisy is easy from seed and thrives in heat. Plants to 24 inches. Very striking and makes a brave show all summer long!
flower canterbury bells
Incredible huge flowers! Tall spikes of long-lasting, bell-shaped flowers feature rich tones of purple, lavender, plum, pink, and white to cream. A cottage garden staple for centuries, it makes a fine cut flower.
Covent Garden Babys Breath
A lovely annual, single-flowered type that produces clouds of small pure white flowers on each stem. A cottage garden favorite that is perfect for fresh or dried floral arrangements.
twinkles dwarf mix phlox
Deeply fringed or indented petal margins give the impression of far more than the 5 petals that are actually present. Diversity of streaks, stripes and zoning makes “Twinkles” really shine. Widest possible range of phlox colors, too!
cherry caramel phlox
Five-petaled flowers in varying shades of vanilla-white, cherry-red, and rich caramel tones. The overall effect is reminiscent of an antique painting. Long stems make this one suitable for cutting, and the color scheme is oh-so-sophisticated.
The flower spikes bloom profusely with lovely lavender flowers that have stunning deep purple stripes. Looks like a small, single hollyhock.
grandpa ott morning glory
Small, deep-purple blooms, with a bright red star in their throats; very colorful and unique. This Bavarian heirloom was one of the original varieties that gave the Whealys the idea to start Seed Savers Exchange.
flying saucer morning glory
Huge 6” blooms are pure white with bright blue stripes! Too beautiful to describe; very spectacular looking.
carnevale di venezia morning glory
A truly stunning mix of two types of flowers. They come white with rose-pink or with purple-blue stripes! Amazing looking and sure to be the highlinght of any garden.
flower of the hour
This plant is a summer annual that develops into a sprawling vine up to 1' tall. The stems are up to 2' in length, branching occasionally; they are round and hairy.
coreopsis roulette
Very hardy. Occasionally self-sows. Prefers a drier soil. Lovely red and yellow daisy-like flower, this prairie annual blooms in the summer or fall; brilliant color.
bells of ireland
Tiny white flowers in large green bell-shaped calyxes. Great as a cut flower, fresh or dried. This old-time plant has been cultivated since 1570. Very easy to grow.
balsam flower
Beautiful rose-shaped blooms in many colors: pink, lavender, red, rose, white and more. Short bushy plants have large bright green leaves. Very easy to grow. A must for fans of Victorian gardens.
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