Heirloom Herbs

genovese basil
The famous Italian heirloom is very popular
with many cooks.
emily basil
Compact version of the classic Genovese type that is superior for pot culture, having shorter stem-length between leaf nodes. Widely recognized to be longer-lasting when cut, all of which make "Emily" a better subject for market growers
and home gardeners.
oregano vulgare
This is a beautiful and delicious Italian flavoring herb. Also medicinal. Great for Italian and Greek cooking.
sage broad leaf
Used in Europe and America to flavor many meats, stuffings, vinegars and more! Fragrant leaves are also used in potpourri, 20 inch tall gray-green plants are quite attractive.
parsley giant of italy
A very large, Italian strain of parsley with great flavor.
Perfect for sauces.
cilantro slo bolt
This is a slow bolting version of Cilanto/Coriander that produces flavorful leaves over a longer period.
A very aromatic French variety; not winter hardy.
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