Heirloom Paste Tomatoes

ten fingers of naples
A paste or canning type that produces huge yields of elongated, pointed fruit reaching 5-6 inches in length, weighing to 3 ounces.
san marzano
Excellent for canning, tomato paste, or puree. Rectangular pear-shaped, 3-1/2 inch long fruit with mild flavor and
meaty texture. Bright red color.
Indeterminate 80 days
goldman's italian american
Goldmans' Italian American keeps up a steady production of large, red, pear shaped, paste tomatoes with exceptional flavor and few seeds. Nearly one pound per fruit! Makes one of the creamiest tomato sauces you’ll ever cook.
"Excellent, sweet and luscious."
Indeterminate 90 days
amish paste
Bright red 8 to 12 ounce fruits vary in shape from oxheart to rounded plum. Delicious flesh is juicy and meaty, excellent for sauce or fresh eating.
Indeterminate 85 days
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