Heirloom Slicer Tomatoes

Produces huge yields of large, one pound, pear-shaped and fluted tomatoes. Good balanced flavor.
Big Rainbow
Huge fruit up to 2 lbs.; delicious and sweet tasting. These tomatoes are very striking sliced, as the yellow fruit has neon red streaking though the flesh.
Abe Lincoln
This meaty variety has incredible thick flesh with a tiny seed core and great old-fashioned tomato flavor. Vines are indeterminate with medium to large red fruit.
Costoluto Genovese
Italian heirloom tomato. Large, deep-red, juicy tomatoes are deeply ribbed but fully flavored and absolutely delicious. This variety is hearty and does well in hot weather, but continues to produce even when the weather turns cool.
Indeterminate 78 days
box car willie
Yields abundant crops of 10 to 16 ounce, smooth, bright-orange/red slicer tomatoes with distinctly delicious well-balanced, rich, sweet, with sufficient acid to push the flavors forward. A good choice for a canning tomato, sauce tomato or salad tomato and perfect for tomato juice.
Indeterminate 80 days
bonny best
Bonnie Best became one of the most respected canning varieties in America in the first half of the twentieth century. Medium-sized fruit are round, red, meaty and loaded with flavor. A good producer that makes a fine slicer too.
Indeterminate 70 – 75 days
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