Heirloom Sweet Peppers

mini bell mix
This trio of mini red, yellow and chocolate bell peppers are approximately 2-inch mini bell peppers. Prolific.
california wonder
An excellent green bell pepper of nice size and very good yield;
a popular old-time variety.
ozark giant
This variety produces huge, long bell peppers
that have delicious, thick flesh. They start out green and turn
bright red. Very productive plants and great flavor.
Bull Nose Bell
This is one of the first medium-large
"bell"-type peppers.
Delicious good-sized fruit are great in salads or for cooking.
syrian three sided
Large fruits are about 6-8 inches long and as large around as a coffee cup. Fruits are three sided just like name says. Ripens to a deep oxblood red. Taste is super-sweet but ocassionally, there is heat in the skin. Very productive.
80 days
red marconi
Prolific Italian heirloom prized for its gigantic sweet red fruits. Delicious peppers are excellent eaten fresh or fried. Can grow up to 12” in length.
70-90 days
king of the north
The best red bell pepper we know for northern gardeners where the seasons are cool and short. Blocky, uniform fruits are excellent for stuffing or fresh eating. Great sweet flavor.
70 days
bull nose bell
The original Bull Nose pepper was popular in early America and was grown by Thomas Jefferson. They are still grown at Monticello today. This is one of the first medium-large "bell"-type peppers, although this strain may be larger than the strain grown by Mr. Jefferson and are more likely dating back to the Bull Nose of mid-to-late 1800s. Delicious good-sized fruit are great in salads or for cooking.
75 days
purple beauty
Absolutely stunning purple bell pepper. Large 4-lobed, thick-walled fruits borne on sturdy compact plants. Tender crisp texture, mild sweet flavor. Holds in the purple stage for some time before ripening to a
radiant purple-red.
70-75 days
jimmy nardello
Jimmy Nardello’s mother brought the seeds to the U.S. when she immigrated with her husband Guiseppe from the Basilicata region of Italy in 1887. One of the very best for frying, delicious roasted apple flavor. Productive plants are loaded with glossy red 10" long peppers.
80-90 days
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