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broccoli calabrese
Delicious early and late season heirloom favorite.
Introduced to the seed trade around 1910, this variety was brought to our shores-and our gardens-by Italian immigrants. A deliciously old-fashioned broccoli, it boasts dark bluish-green central heads about 5" across. Tall, erect, 30-36" plants give way to multiple side shoots once the central head is cut.
broccoli decicco
De Cicco is an Italian heirloom and an excellent choice for extended harvests for home gardeners. Vigorous plants yield 3-4", blue-green heads. After cutting the main head, more side shoots develop, producing many more small to medium-sized heads through the summer. Good for steaming, stir-fries and for freezing.
cauliflower early snowball
Introduced to American gardeners in 1888 by Peter Henderson & Company. Smooth 6-7" heads of tightly formed white curds are solid, crisp, and tender, excellent quality.
cauliflower purple of sicily
Beautiful, brilliant purple heads weigh 2-3 lbs and are of a fine, sweet flavor. The heads cook to bright green. Insect-resistant variety that is easier to grow than many white varieties; rich in minerals. A colorful heirloom. Select Italian seed.
cucumber tendergreen burpless
Burpless slicing type, free from bitterness, that has been popular for over 80 years! Fruit is medium-dark green, 7-12 inches in length, and quite plump and smooth. Excels as a slicer because each fruit yields so many slices of uniform diameter, but the tender skin makes great pickles as well.
Cucumber Muncher
A stellar burpless cuke that remains tender and tasty for longer. Very tender, dual-purpose variety makes great pickles and is excellent for fresh eating right out of the garden! Nearly spineless fruit is 6 to 8 inches long, reaching a plump 3 inches wide. Produces abundantly on strong vigorous vines.
cucumber chicago pickling
The thin skins take up pickling solutions readily. Black-spined fruit can be allowed to reach 7” without sacrificing quality, but is often harvested much smaller. Amazingly prolific, and disease resistant, too.
cucumber bushy
This great cucumber hails from Russia. Bushy is very early because they don't seem to mind cool nights, tolerant of cool weather and still produces. Normally about 2 weeks earlier than others. Black spined cucumber. Lives up to it's name and produces short 3-4'' vines making it perfect for those with limited space. Very productive. Great for salads or pickling.
cucumber boston pickling
Vigorous vines give large yields of smooth green fruit. It is excellent for pickles; very crisp and good quality.
cucumber double yield
Very productive pickling type. Bright green fruits reach to 8 inches, but may be harvested much smaller. Originally introduced in 1924 by Joseph Harris Seed Company, who wrote: “The remarkable thing about this new cucumber is its wonderful productiveness. For every pickle that is cut off, two or three more are produced.” The flavor is also excellent!
japanese climbing cucumber
Produces early fine flavoured fruits for fresh eating or pickling. The long burpless cucumbers are prolific - the more you pick, the more it will produce! Good for trellising. Height to 1m, approximately 30 fruit per plant.
cucumber early fortune
A super dependable garden cucumber, sweet and almost never bitter. Slicing-type fruits grow 7 to 8 inches long,
2 inches in diameter.
eggplant diamond
Mild, dark purple, 6-9” x 2-3” slender fruit, in clusters of 4 - 6; superb flavor and firm flesh. Becoming popular with market growers and home gardeners. This variety
came from the Ukraine.
ground cherry aunt molly's
Polish heirloom variety has unusually fine flavor—very sweet with a nice hint of tartness. 1/2”-3/4” fruits are enclosed in a papery husk, drop to the ground when fully ripe. High pectin content makes this one choice for pies and preserves.
watermelon carolina cross
One of the largest types we sell--oblong fruit has reached over 200 lbs! Bright red flesh is sweet and remarkably fine-grained for such a large melon. Needs a long hot summer to reach its full potential. Grow this one for bragging rights!
melon boule d'or
Very sweet, pale green flesh is just marvelous. Yellow and loosely netted, a very beautiful melon.
melon ha'ogen
An excellent-tasting, early melon. Flavorful green flesh; good yields of nearly round, 3-4 lb fruit; a beautiful melon! Very fragrant.
melon minnesota midget
This very small, very early heirloom was introduced in Minnesota in 1948. Measuring just 4inches across, they have sweet, orange flesh and are perfect miniature versions of the "Classic Muskmelon". Compact, 3-4-foot vines
produce good yields.
pumpkin long island cheese
A longtime favorite on Long Island; very popular for pies. Flat, lightly ribbed fruit look like a wheel of cheese with buff colored skin. A very good keeper of excellent quality; 6-10 lbs. Each.
pumpkin rouge vif d'etampes
Most beautiful flattened and ribbed large fruit are a gorgeous deep red-orange. A very old French Heirloom, this was the most common pumpkin in the Central Market in Paris back in the 1880's. The flesh is tasty in pies or baked. This one can also be picked small, like summer squash, and fried.
It is a good yielder too.
pumpkin new england sugar pie
The noted small sugar pumpkin of New England. The orange fruit weighs 4-5 lbs and has fine, sweet flesh that is superb for pies.
pumpkin big max
Huge pumpkins can grow well over 100 lbs! Nearly round, bright orange fruit is stunning and good for pies and canning. Very thick, orange flesh. Good for county fairs and displays.
squash bush buttercup
Like standard Buttercup squash, with sweet, dry, orange flesh of excellent quality, but these are produced on 3'-4' bush plants that stay compact; excellent for small gardens. Green-skinned 3 to 4 lb fruit.
squash honey boat delicata
One of the sweetest squash varieties in existence. Oblong, Delicata-shaped squash have tan skin with green stripes. Excellent quality and produces early.
squash table queen acorn
Dark green Acorn type fruit. Iowa Seed Co. introduced this variety in 1913; possible Native American origin. The small fruits have sweet, orange flesh.
squash butternut-waltham
Light tan-colored winter squash with small seed cavities and thick, cylindrical necks without crooks. Uniform fruits avg. 9" long, avg. 4-5 lb. The flesh is smooth-textured and has a unique sweet flavor, particularly after 2 months' storage.
Average yield: 4-5 fruits/plant.
squash makaronowa warszawska
New spaghetti squash sort from Poland. Plants are of a bush habit, and have lots of disease resistance. Pale-yellow fruit is the usual elongated oval shape, reaching 2-3 pounds each. Flesh is fine-grained and tasty.
Squash Spaghetti
This is an American strain of this popular Japanese squash, with stringy flesh that is used like spaghetti.
squash red kuri
A red-orange Japanese winter squash, fruit is 5-8 lbs each and teardrop-shaped. The golden flesh is smooth, dry, sweet, and rich; a great yielding and keeping variety.
squash fordhook zucchini
Classic, cylindrical, dark-green straight to slightly curved zucchinis. Tender, creamy-white flesh freezes well. Vigorous and productive bush plants.
squash golden zucchini
Golden Zucchini is a compact bush type plant that is perfect for those with limited space in their gardens. It is a prolific producer of dazzling gold zucchinis that can grow over 10", but are tastiest when eaten at this size or smaller. This also encourages more fruit to grow.
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